Refreshment cricket training at Rupendehi

Rupendehi is a District in the Lumbini province and it is also one of the attractive location for the blind and visual impairments from hilly areas to track down for the search of better opportunities. It has one school for the visually impaired children [Sree Santi Namuna High School] with 30 visually impaired students and a multiple college with around 50 visually impaired students. Including those in and out of the academic institutions, there are around 150visually impaired children and youths in this location. With an aim to expand the game of cricket in different cities of Nepal, CAB, Nepal established A legally registered SHG of blind cricketers named “Cricket Association of the Blind, Rupendehi” in the year 2007 and this is one of the previously KCF project location as well. Hence, targeting the youths and children in and around Butwal Sub-metropolitan city, CAB conducted a five -day’s long refreshers cricket training at Jabai cricket ground, Butwal on 3rd September to 8th   September, 2023. Including 13 children from Shanti school, there were 30 participants in the training who were between the ages 12-27. The participants of girls was found to be satisfactory as there were 9 girls taking the training. The training became successful in delivering the contents effectively amongst the new and the old players as it was facilitated by highly professional and the trained coaches Mr. Khemraj Sapkota and Ms. Geeta Paudel on the basis of the training manual being developed. After the training, the cricket kits were handed over to the children of Santi School and they are found to be playing cricket after the school and during the public holidays in an open ground just opposite to their hostel which is within the school’s premise. Mr. Ram Psd. Paudel- a visually impaired player who is also a teacher in this school has been technically assisting these children to play.

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