General activities of CAB Nepal

Photo of Annual Award 2010
Photo of Annual Award 2010

Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal works to provide:

  1. Grassroots cricket development: Under this programme, CAB, Nepal promotes cricket activities in several blind schools and colleges around the country with a primary focus on schoolchildren, who can be expected to maintain their involvement over the long term and enhance their performance in the future.
  2. Cricket for girls: Through its separate women’s committee for blind cricket, CAB, Nepal gives equal priority to getting making blind girls to play cricket, and more than 150 have received cricket training to date.
  3. Tournaments and training: CAB, Nepal annually conducts at least one national tournament for men and women respectively, while regional tournaments are conducted in co-operation with regional associations. CAB, Nepal has also been successful in entering its team in international competitions.
  4. Revival: This project has been designed to rehabilitate and empower survivors who were blinded during the bitter internal conflicts in the past in Nepal, while also reintegrating other disabled war veterans by involving them on the technical side. CAB, Nepal has been successful in training more than 50 blind and disabled survivors under this project with the intention of enabling them to resume as normal a life as possible.
  5. Awareness and advocacy: Since the day of its inception in 2006, CAB, Nepal has endeavoured to raise the awareness of the community and to influence policy making so that disability sports are included as a major project in national policy and programmes. The association interacts with teachers, parents, local communities and children to illustrate the importance of sport for children with visual impairments and other disabilities.

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