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CAB NEPAL uses cricket as a tool to ensure blind and visually impaired persons right to sports, enhance winning attitude along with physical and mental robustness, empower, rehabilitate , present blind in new role and responsibilities, expose their competency plus develop leadership qualities, discipline, sportsmanship spirit And end gender disparity prevailing within the blind community.

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Illustration Design of Inclusive Sports Academy
3D Design (Illustration) of Proposed Cricket Training Center

inclusive cricket training center for the blind and persons with disabilities

CAB Nepal plans to build its cricket training center with residential facilities that will be safe, accessible, and catering free and homely for players to carry out their daily practice. The proposed training center can accommodate 200-250 trainees in a year and save a considerable amount that we are spending on ground hire, hotel, and accommodation.

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Blind Women Cricket Tournament Between Nepal and UK

In the world ever first T20 international blind women cricket series, held at Kathmandu from 26th-28th Oct., 2014, Nepal defeated the U.K blind women cricket team in all three consecutive matches.
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Nepalese Blind Girls struggle to play Cricket

Pawan Ghimire, Major in Nepal Army who was blinded by maoist attack in 2003 is now busy in promoting cricket for blind women in Nepal. He’s now successful in collecting more than 90 blind girls under his cricket team. He has now become the first in the world to promote and organize national level tournaments for these blind girls.

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