Cricket training at Kanchanpur

Kanchanpur is the farthest District amongst all the KCF funded project locations. It is almost eight hundred kilometre west to capital Kathmandu. This project has already established SHG of blind cricketers named “Kanchanpur Cricket Association of the Blind” in the year 2013 and is also the KCF past project location as well. This location has one integrated school with 25 visually impaired students and over 150 youths in the Community. In local management of this SHG, on 4th-9th September, CAB conducted a five-day long refresher training at a play field of Bhimdutta Municipality. The training was facilitated by trained coach Mr. Birendra Singh and Sunil Rana Magar. Including 11 girls there were 30 participants between the age 13 to 22 in the training. As cricket playing kits were handed over the students of the school, they are now found to be playing after the school hours.



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