Badri Chaulagain

Badri Chaulagain

Mr. Badri Chaulagain, a b2 player is a Vice-captain of the Nepalese national blind cricket team. He is best known among his team as a life saving player who can stand on the pitch till to the last over and can stop balls from crossing the boundary when it shouldn’t be. He is equally popular among his team as good fielder. Born in Dolakha on, he started to play blind cricket from the year 2013. He made his debue from fifth national blind cricket tournament as a member of Nepal Army ‘s blind cricket team. Since then, he never had to look back as a cricketer. He has stood man of the series and player of the match in many of the matches. As of now, he has played in one Asia cup, and two world cups. Presently he is a vice-captain of Nepal Army’s blind cricket team. He has also facilitated conducting trainings at Jhapa and Morang as well. Recalling those old bad days when he was attacked by the Maoist party to become blind and observing present name and fame as a cricketer, Badri now has nothing to regret with his blindness. He opines,” sometime wrong thing happens for good reason. If I hadn’t been blind, I wouldn’t have been popular like this”. Considering his immense contribution in the development of blind cricket, CAB, Nepal feels proud to feature him as the player of the month Feburary,2022.

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