Refreshment cricket Training at Banke

Banke is also one of the previous KCF funded project location. Banke has two school for the visually children [MP High School, Tribhuvan High School and a college where around 50 children and youths with blindness are pursuing their study. As Banke Association of the Blind stopped hostel facilities for the visually impaired students and school was just preparing to have hostel for the blind students, in this interim period, the students were made to travel to school from their respective homes. It became somewhat difficult for children to play cricket regularly and when they were back to school hostels there were no any cricket kits to play as the result the students didn’t get chance to play cricket regularly. In order to bring back the momentum of the cricket in this location, five days -long refreshment cricket training was conducted at the premise of MP High school, Banke starting from 25th -29th  September, where  30 visually impaired youths and children including 9 girls had participated. This training had been facilitated by Mr. Surendra Tamang and Ms. Sarita Ghimire. The principal of the MP school inaugurated the training, while the closing of the training was done by ward chair of the Banke Metropolitan city. At the end of the training, a nine-member Blind Cricket Committee was formed in the Chairmanship of Mr. Naresh Chaudhary.

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