Cricket training at Kaski

The project location Kaski has a legally registered SHG of the blind cricket named “Cricket Association of the Blind, Kaski”, established a year later to CAB, Nepal in the year 2007.   Though they have been playing cricket since last 16 years, but the standard of playing of the visually impaired players were not found to be satisfactory. Kaski being a touristic area and rich in opportunities, it has been the second Hub of the blind those wishing to cash the available opportunities. Kaski has one integrated School- Amar Singh High School and a Government college where over 200 visually impaired youths and children are pursuing their study. Since, Amar Singh School only has 32 students and a play field within its premise, the scheduled five-long days’ cricket training had been conducted there from 16th – 20th September, 2023   making the best use of the available play field. Though there were many interested visually impaired children and youths to play cricket but only 30 including 12 girls between 10 to 25were selected as the participants. Since, Kaski is a metropolitan city , it is obvious to have more number of visually impaired persons residing for different reason. As our  focus of cricket training was only for the children and youths  above the age 10 and below forty, the number we selected for training was  justifiable as we targeted those children at the school which is important for the sustainability of the game. We skipped out those who  were under aged, employed or those engaged in  other activities or those who have already received the basic  training. In a training conducted in collaboration of Cricket Association of the Blind, Kaski Ms. Bhagwati Battrai Baral and Ms. Binita Pun of the same Association were appointed as the trainers. This is one of the new location under KCF project.

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