Blind Cricket Training at Sindupalchowk

  • Cricket training at Sindhupalanchowk:

Sindhupalanchowk is a hilly District lying at a distance of three hours ride to east from the capital Kathmandu. There is only one blind school in this District. Being a hilly District, the children/ youths generally do not get opportunity to participate in sports activities. Considering this fact, CAB, Nepal conducted a five days long basic cricket training at Choutara Municipality from 13th to 17th June, 2023.  In this training altogether there were 30 participants including 15 participants from Bandevi Higher Secondary school and 15 from outside the school. With the presence of 11 girl’s trainees, the training has been able to set an example of gender inclusion in sports as well. The trainees were between the ages 13 to 25.  Being a student of a remote District, most of them had participated in any sports activities for the ever first time in their life. So, they were eager and enthusiastic to play cricket.  MS Geeta Paudel and Ms. Bimala Rai were appointed as the trainers, while the program was monitored by Mr. Pawan Ghimire the Chairman of this Association. The program was initiated by Ms. Sarmila Thapa- the deputy Mayor of Choutra municipality while the program was concluded by Mr. Arjun B.K the Chairperson of Bandevi High school in presence of Mr. Ram Bahadur- the ward member and the principal-Mr.  Deepak Rai. At the end of the training session, a nine member cricket Committee titled “Sindhupalanchowk Cricket Club of the Blind was formed in the coordination of Mr. Balaram Shah. This is one of the new project location under the KCF project.

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