1.3 Blind cricket training at Surkhet

Surkhet District is the capital of Karnali province which is around 800 K.M west to Kathmandu. There are two schools viz Sikhar High School and Srikrishna High school and one community college with visually impaired students. Targeting these students, CAB conducted a five days-long basic cricket training from 27th-2nd July, 2023 at a play field of Birendra municipality, Surkhet. In the training facilitated by senior Coach Mr. Nahendra Niraula and Ms. Dillisara Dhamala, there were 30 participants including 5 girls between the ages 10 to 27.  Though this SHG [Karnali Cricket Association of the Blind] was legally   registered with the local Government in 2022 but is a new project location under the KCF project.

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