The Good Coach Guidebook for adaptive and mainstream sports

The importance of coaching in the education and development of children and youth with disabilities cannot be overstated. Coaches play a crucial role in supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities to participate in sports and physical activities. They have a responsibility to their trainees and must prioritize their specific needs.

Coaches should be aware of the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and tailor their coaching approach accordingly. This requires a deep understanding of the particular disability, as well as knowledge of adaptive sports and the necessary accommodations and modifications. By doing so, coaches can create inclusive and supportive environments where individuals with disabilities can thrive.

The booklet prepared under the Australian Government’s Direct Aid project aims to support coaches in their technical coaching of adaptive sports. It provides valuable guidance and resources to help coaches enhance their skills in coaching both mainstream and disability sports. By equipping coaches with the necessary knowledge and tools, the booklet aims to create uniformity and maintain equal standards in all coaching sessions.

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