Promoting cricket for the blind and visually impaired persons in Nepal

Sports is the right of persons with disabilities. However,  persons with blindness hardly get the opportunity to enjoy their fundamental right to play. Sports for persons with disabilities is not only about winning or losing but it is all about physical,  mental and social   rehabilitation and empowerment. Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal in collaboration with Kadoorie Charitable Foundation, Hongkong has been implementing a project to promote cricket amongst visually impaired person in Nepal with an aim to contribute in their holistic development. The project that started from 2022  and lasting on 2024  will be promoting cricket in eight old  KCF funded and 5 new Districts of Nepal aiming to reach 390persons with visual impairments, showcase their talent to play cricket, prepare training manual and coaches and strengthen the organizational management capacities of members of SHGs.  So far, a training manual  for cricket training has been developed, 20 coaches have been produced  and on the basis of it, cricket training had been conducted at Chitwan, Gorkha, Mohattari and Morang and  almost 125 persons with visual impairments have been trained to play cricket so far. and.  


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