Make the right real: Empowering girls with visual disabilities in Nepal through the game of cricket.

“Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal feels pleasure to collaborate with KOREA DISABLED PEOPLE’S DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA“KODDI” to implement the project that aims in training girls with visual disabilities at Bardia and Surkhet to play the great game of cricket, enable them to manage their menstrual and reproductive health so as to keep them fit, active and serious in ensuring safety against sexual abuses in and off the field of play. On the contrary to the universal principal of inclusion, cricketers with visual impairments feel discrimination before general women cricketers. However, this gaps can be reduced by bringing cricketers with two different physical identities in a common platform and let them interact with each other. Thus, we aim to maintain fair and impartial relationship between girls with two different physical identities by bringing them in one venue and share their experiences amongst each other. The project will be coming to an end with the conduction of cricket tournament between the previously trained girls with visual impairments from Bardia and Surkhet at Bardia.   As of now, we have been successfully conducted training girls at Bardia and Surkhet to play cricket. Both the trainings were implemented from May 24th to 29th May, 2022 at the respective Districts. Most of the participants at Bardia Districts were from ethnic Tharus Community, while the participants at Surkhet represented from Dalit and Khas communities. By holding cricket bat in hand, the girls with visual impairments have tried to portray the message that sports is not about male or female thing. It is about the skill thing and only thing they need to be as capable as their normal peers is the opportunity and its only the opportunity that can make someone’s right real .

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