Combatting COVID-19 with Hilden Charitable Fund

 “COMBATING COVID-19 with Hilden Charitable Fund”

Persons with visual impairments are always prone to contracting COVID- 19 due to their low immunity power and  compulsion of taking  other’s help to perform daily chores. Their compulsion to touch the surface to feel, puts them at the higher risk of contracting  this deadly disease. Currently, the new variant of COVID-19 is sky rocketing each day and  as an organization working for the persons with visual impairments, CAB   takes the safety of its visually impaired members with a serious priority. Thus, on 8th January, 2022,CAB in partnership with Hilden Charitable Foundation distributed sanitary kits and COVID-19 safety materials   to over 50 persons with visual impairments at Kathmandu. Mr. Pawan Ghimire- the Chairperson and General -Secretary Mr. Bikram Bahadur Rana  gave away these materials to the visually impaired persons amid the special function being organized to orient cricket playing rules to the visually impaired players residing at the capital Kathmandu. Similarly, along with this relief action, on 17th Feburary, 2022, we  also    conducted a virtual conference on need  of vaccination and health protocol to be followed during the post vaccination where   over 100 visually impaired youths of both genders have expressed  their inquisitive queries and questions before the consultant   .  By the end of March, 2022, we have been able to distribute  the mask and othersanitary kits to over 150 youths and children With the support of the same Hilden Charitable Foundation, in 2020, CAB distributed sanitary and COVID- 19 materials]Mask, soap, face shields and menstrual pads] to over 150 women/ girls with visual impairments at Lumbini, Gandaki and Bagmati  provinces followed by virtual  conference on adopting health safety protocol during the adverse situation of    COVID- 19 and sensitization on  maintaining women’s health amidst the outbreaking of COVID   -19. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to HCF for their generous support in our mission to protect health and well-being of our visually impaired members at the situation of humanitarian emergency.

Some Photos of the program are as follows:


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