Photo of Bhagwati, Geeta and Muna in the form of collage

Bhagwati, Geeta and Muna awarded with 2nd edition of Jyoti K.C talent award

Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal, awarded three of its women cricketers with the second edition of the Jyoti K.C talent award amid the special function being organized on its 15th Anniversary. Batswoman MS Geeta Paudel  received  the award from b3
category[high low vision]. Geeta, who hails from  Rupendehi, played cricket for the last  13 years when she was in the7th grade.
Acting as the captain of the team, she has played in many national and regional cricket matches. She is also the vice-captain of the national blind women cricket team of Nepal and had the opportunity to lead the Nepalese blind women’s cricket team in the international match against Pakistan in 2019 with the same portfolio.

Bowler Ms. Bhagwati Amgain is the next to receive this award from the b2]poor low vision] category. Bhagwati started to play cricket at 14 when she was in grade 9  in Amar Singh School, Pokhara. Leading the  Kaski’s women’s team as a captain, she has participated in many regional and national tournaments.   Bhagwati was also the vice-captain in the international match being played against the U.K in 2014.

Likewise, Ms. Muna Aryal is the second one from Kaski to receive this award from the b1 category. Despite her total loss of vision, Batswoman Muna also started to play cricket at 14 when she was in grade 9 at the Amar Singh School, Pokhara. She was declared a woman of the series from the b1 category in the international blind women cricket match against Pakistan in 2019. Ms. Geeta, Bhagwati, and Muna all had the opportunity to play in international matches against the U.K in 2014 and Pakistan in 2019. Nepal had clean-swept both the international matches.

The winners received a cash prize of Rs. 5000 each and a  certificate of appreciation. While conduction of cricket matches has been impossible due to the out-breaking of COVID- 19, CAB has awarded these players based on their long service and dedication to the promotion of blind women’s cricket in Nepal. CAB has started to felicitate its women players with this award established by social activist  Jyoti K.C in 2020.

On the occasion of its 16th Anniversary,  CAB, Nepal wishes heartfelt thanks to all its well-wishers, partners, sponsors, players, and above all to the media who always came forward to support the promotion of blind cricket in Nepal.

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