2nd tournament between six teams.

Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal in local management of Banke Association of the Blind conducted its second cricket tournament between Rupendehi, Chitwan, Banke, Kanchanpur, Surkhet and Bardia at Kohalpur cricket ground at Banke District from 16th to 20th February, 2024. Including 16 girls with visual impairments, altogether 102 players had taken part in the competition. This tournament marks a historic record as this sort of big event of the visually impaired to any other disability sports competition had undertaken place in the far-western region of Nepal. Likewise, the event was also graced by the local representatives of the municipalities including the Deputy Mayor, ward chairperson, Principal of Community School, Commerce and industries etc.  Dividing the total six teams into two groups, the matches were played on a league com knock -out basis in T20 format. The tournament which was inaugurated by Deputy-Mayor of Kohalpur Municipality Ms. Sarmila Subedi Paudel, while the ceremony was closed on 20th Feburary by Acting Head of the Municipality Mr. Lal Bahadur Rana. The trophy of the tournament was lifted up by the Kanchanpur team defeating the Bardia team by 80 runs in the final match.  Mr. Padam Badila of Far-western Province with his unbeaten 312 runs and 4 wickets became player of the tournament. As this tournament was also to shortlist the potential players for the upcoming World Cup 2024 Pakistan, there had been great competition among the players to perform their level best and secure their position within the top 15 national squad and were equally happy to get this great opportunity to showcase their playing competency before the community. Along with the publication of event news on national and local media, the final match between Bardia team and Kanchanpur team was board casted live through Facebook page of Krishnasar FM which was viewed live by over 7000 people and documentary of the same event was also on-aired through youtube channel as well.

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