Two days refreshers training to SHGs

The two days refreshers training to eight old SHGs and three new SHGs had been conducted on 11th and 12th August, 2023 at the Narayani Resort in Gaindakot, Navalparasi District. This location had been chosen as it is centrally located and easily reachable to all even during the adverse climatic condition those   travelling from east to western parts of Nepal. Altogether, there were 35 visually impaired participants [8 female and 27 males] who are in the key positions of their respective SHGs. However, participants from Myagdi could not participate due to road blockade by the heavy rainfall. The overall objective of this training was to enhance the capacity of the leaders of the SHGs to understand the concept of Proposal and Report writing, and improve the skills to work as a team member in to the program implementation.    Like in the previous year, Mr. Khemraj Sapkota had been appointed as the facilitator as he had the idea of designing the sessions of the training as per the level of the participants and review the contents being taught in the previous year’s SHG training. In the previous year’s training, the participants were taught on basic components that is required to govern an organization such as writing a meeting minute, maintaining transparency and accountability in an organization, maintaining good governance, mobilizing locally available resources and basic skills of advocacy. In this in this year’s refreshers training, the previously taught contents were quickly reviewed but the prime focus was on writing proposals and reports in line with the basic requirements of local Government providing financial assistance to the local NGOs. The first day of the training was completely dedicated on proposal writing starting from understanding the key terminologies, need of writing proposals probable places to submit, identifying the problem, cause and its effects, designing smart objectives, selecting the activities in line with the objectives and making the reliable budget as well. Both theoretical and practical methods were adopted to deliver the contents of the training effectively. Subsequently, the same procedures had been adopted during the next day’s report writing as well. During the sessions, the participants were given the basic guidelines of writing a project reports and things to be incorporated to make a report effectively. The participants were asked to write a report following a template being provided by the facilitator. The training went into a happy ending with the filling up of post evaluation form and preparing their respective Organizations annual calendar for the Nepalese fiscal year 2080-81.

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