Refreshment cricket training at Bardia

Bardia is a District lying in the west of capital Kathmandu connected to the Indian border in the South. Almost 90%of the people living in this District belong to Tharu Community. As most Tharu people are illiterate and follow the traditional culture and the medication process, the prevalence rate of blindness and other disabilities are also found to be high. Targeting the visually impaired youths and children, CAB   established a SHG of the blind cricketers named as “Cricket Association of the Blind, Bardia” in the year 2014 at Guleria municipality of Bardia District. Including those at school and the Community, there are around 100 youths and children residing only at Gulariya municipality and its nearby outskirt areas. In 2016 also, the cricket training had been conducted in this location under the KCF project. However, the training conducted on 26th to 30th September at that time was by the knowledge of the coach but not by following the specific manual. Considering this fact, CAB, Nepal in coordination with Cricket Association of the Blind, Bardia conducted a five days long refresher blind cricket training at the cricket ground of Guleria Sports Complex. Including 6 students from Banjgadi High School and 24 from the Community, 30 visually impaired youths and children between the ages 11 to 24 had participated in the training. 13 girls had participated in the training. The training was facilitated by the pass out of last year’s training for trainners Mr. Naresh Chaudhary and the international ladies player Ms. Binita Somai Magar.

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