1.4 Refreshment cricket training at Myagdi

Myagdi is a hilly District of Gandaki province and it is connected to other two District Pravat and Baglung. In each District, there are at least one school for the children with visual impairments. Though most of the previously trained through KCF project has passed out from school or moved to Kaski for higher education, most of the available children in the project location will be new in the training.  Thus, in order to keep the legacy of cricket continue in this location, a five days long cricket training was conducted at the play field of Shivalaya High School, Parvat from 22nd  – 26th  September, incorporating 30 visually impaired children from Ganodaya High School, Myagdi, Janata Dhan High School and Shivalaya High School Parvat. The trainees from these three Districts were made to participate in the training because these three Districts are adjoining to each other and schools are also at the closer distance. The training was facilitated by Mr. Sunil Rana Magar and Mr. Bishal Bika. Both Sunil and Bishal were the recipient of the previously conducted training for the trainers. For the purpose of easy teaching, the cricket rule was printed in braille and recorded in an audio. On the final day, a nine member SHG named as “Myagdi Cricket Club of the Blind” was formed in the Chairmanship of Mr. Ganesh Subedi.


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